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Emoji Phone and Tablet Covers

Express your thoughts and interests with the magical symbols on our officially licensed Emoji® smartphone cases. Emojis have evolved from simple smiley and frowny faces to a cultural phenomenon - there's even a movie about them. Head Case Designs is the largest manufacturer of Emoji cases for phones and tablets that are covered with these instantly recognizable symbols. You can keep things simple with winks, heart eyes and other new expressions. Or take texting to another level with Emoji Oktoberfest cases, Christmas cases, sports emojis and others. There are thousands of emoji symbols out there - and we've done our best to include them all.

Although the artwork is a barrel of fun, the cases themselves are serious stuff. We're known for the high-quality and easy functionality of our mobile device protectors. They are strong, lightweight and allow access to all ports. Cases are available for more than 400 devices, including Emoji iPhone cases and Samsung Galaxy cases. Click on a device on the left and then select whether you want a hard back, soft gel, hybrid or leather book wallet cover. You'll instantly see all the ways we've got you covered.
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